All Endlers are N Class Pure Strain

Minimum Order: International orders must include fish

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Black Bar & Peacock Endlers

Black Bar Endlers

$175 - Colony: 10 Fish (fry) unsexed Grades B/C

Peacock Endlers

$175 - Colony: 10 Fish (fry) unsexed Grades B/C

International Shipping 

Your package will be shipped to an international freight forwarder in the USA, which then will handle the international leg of the trip. These shippers combine packages from many customers and ship in bulk to destination countries, resulting in significant savings to you. On average, you can expect to pay $25-$55 for your shipment with a freight forwarder instead of $100-$200 with a direct shipper (like UPS, FedEx & USPS). They also handle all the Customs paperwork. 

Plants & More

Plants & More

$10 - Endlers Special Blend Flake Food: 1 oz

$5 - Hornwort: 5 Stems 

$5 - Amazon Frogbit: 5 plants 

Plants & More


$7 - Wonder Calcium & Mineral Shell: 1 Shell 2.25oz

$5 - Water Trumpet: 2 Juveniles

$5 - Similar to S Repens: 4 Stems

International Packages 

International packages include:


International packages do NOT include:


How the Process Works:

NOTE: The freight forwarders rely on you to ship what is legally allowed into your country. If tropical fish are not allowed, it's likely the freight forwarder will not accept the package. Keep in mind, even though you can describe the package contents as you like (i.e. something other than tropical fish), there is a possibility Customs will stop the package if import eligibility is not met (although this seems rare).  Shipping Box Data:

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Online Freight Forwarder Resources

A list of popular freight forwarders and approximate rates are provided below. Make your selection from this list or choose a freight forwarder of your own. Check freight forwarder websites for most up to date rates.